Water for Kenya Water Tank Donation

Sparhawk School

$ 58.00
Water for Kenya Water Tank Donation
Did you know that many adults and children in Kenya are dying from drinking cholera-contaminated water and a lack of water? Although they currently receive rainfall 4 days a week on average, the water that collects on the ground is undrinkable.
Sparhawk School 4th & 5th grades students are raising money to purchase antimicrobial lined water storage tanks for the people of Kenya. Rain water collects inside the tank, while the lining kills the harmful bacteria. One 500 litre (110 gallons) tank provides enough clean, chlorine-free water for daily use by 10 people. In our pen pal’s community of 1180 adults, that is barely a drop in the bucket.
Your donation buys one tank! You can help 10 people per day get clean water!!